USB Sound Card Adapter 5.1 Channel 3D External USB to 3.5MM 1/8 Audio Jack Stereo Headset Mic Microphone Headphone Earphone Plug and Play


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The USB sound card adapter you described is a plug-and-play device that provides 5.1 channel audio with 3D effects through a 3.5mm audio jack. It’s compatible with Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, enhancing gaming, multimedia, and communication experiences.

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USB sound card adapter that provides 5.1 channel audio output and input capabilities through a 3.5mm audio jack. This type of adapter is often used to enhance audio capabilities on devices like Raspberry Pi, Windows PCs, Mac computers, and Linux machines. Here’s a breakdown of the features and usage of such a device:


  1. 5.1 Channel Audio: This indicates that the sound card adapter can output audio in a 5.1 channel surround sound format. This is commonly used for immersive audio experiences, especially in movies and games.
  2. 3D Audio Support: This likely refers to the adapter’s ability to provide spatial audio effects, creating a more immersive and realistic sound experience.
  3. External USB Connection: The sound card adapter connects to your computer via a USB port, which allows for easy plug-and-play functionality without the need for internal hardware installation.
  4. 3.5mm Audio Jacks: The 3.5mm audio jack on the adapter enables you to connect various audio devices, such as headsets, microphones, headphones, and speakers.
  5. Stereo Headset, Mic, Microphone, and Earphone Support: The adapter supports a variety of audio peripherals, including headsets with stereo sound, microphones for recording, and earphones for personal audio listening.
  6. Plug and Play: This means that the adapter should work without requiring additional software installation. Once you connect it to your computer, the necessary drivers and settings should be automatically configured.

Usage Scenarios:

  1. Raspberry Pi: If you’re using a Raspberry Pi, especially for multimedia or gaming purposes, adding a USB sound card adapter can significantly improve audio quality and provide surround sound capabilities.
  2. Windows, Mac, Linux PCs: This adapter can be used with desktop or laptop computers running different operating systems. It can enhance audio output for various applications, including gaming, media playback, and video conferencing.
  3. Gaming: The 5.1 channel support and 3D audio effects can enhance the gaming experience, allowing you to hear sounds coming from different directions, which can provide a competitive edge in certain games.
  4. Multimedia Creation: If you’re into audio recording, podcasting, or video production, this adapter can offer better microphone input quality compared to built-in audio interfaces.
  5. Media Playback: Watching movies or listening to music with 5.1 channel audio can provide a more immersive entertainment experience.
  6. Virtual Meetings: If you’re using your computer for virtual meetings, having a better-quality microphone and headphone setup can improve your communication quality.

Remember that the effectiveness of the adapter may depend on the quality of the adapter itself, the drivers or compatibility with your specific system, and the quality of the audio peripherals you’re using with it. It’s a versatile tool that can significantly enhance your audio experience on a variety of devices.

Brand Generic
Package Dimensions :5 x 2.2 x 1.2cm
Color Multicolor
Pakcage content: 1 x 3D Audio Sound
Pakcage content: 1 x 3D Audio Sound
Pakcage content: 1 x 3D Audio Sound
Pakcage content: 1 x 3D Audio Sound

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Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 4.2 × 0.8 cm
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